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An Introduction to Common Formative Assessments 2.0
This course introduces how educators, working in collaborative teams, can create their own common formative assessments and implement them to interpret student understanding more correctly and adjust their instruction accordingly to meet learner needs more effectively. More
An Introduction to Student-Centered Coaching
Through this course, you will learn how student-centered coaching focuses on using standards-based student evidence to inform coaching cycles and partnership-based teacher/coach collaboration to improve student achievement. More
An Introduction To Visible Learning
The purpose of this course is to connect the visible learning research to instructional strategies that accelerate student learning.

Classroom Management: Building Relationships
The purpose of this 15-hour course is threefold: to provide you with tools to develop and maintain a positive classroom culture that supports the learning of all students; to hone the “detective skills” you need to identify students’ performance barriers and subsequent solutions; and to develop strategies to reduce instances of student misbehavior. You’ll see video from real teachers putting these strategies into practice and gain practical advice from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management. More
Classroom Management: Curriculum & Instruction
Classroom management, curriculum and instruction are inextricably linked. The focus of this 15-hour course is on how to plan instruction that is rigorous, engaging, authentic, and collaborative. Through readings, classroom videos and vignettes, and practical strategies you can do right now, you will learn how to manage your classroom through intentional planning. More
Classroom Management: Positive Environment
A learner’s surroundings and conditions can set them up for success or create barriers. The purpose of this 15-hour course is to help you build a classroom environment that supports students’ growth academically and emotionally. Through authentic classroom video and practical advice from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management, you will develop strategies for creating a positive environment for your students. Issues of classroom management will diminish as you follow a few simple tips for mixing up routines, giving students a voice, and showing students you care. More
Classroom Management: Professional Collaboration
Schools are communities, as such professional collaboration is crucial to a teacher’s success. In this 15-hour course you will gain practical advice from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management. You’ll see and hear real teachers as they offer strategies to form positive, low maintenance relationships with parents and offer up ways to work collaboratively with colleagues, whether you are working together in a coteaching arrangement, mentorship, or in another supportive capacity.  And finally, you will learn the value of developing a relationship with your administrator and ideas for taking on more leadership roles. More
Classroom Management: Stress Management
The title of this 15-hour course could be “sanity saving techniques.” Even the best teachers can hit their breaking point if they don’t take care of themselves throughout the school year mentally and physically. The activities and videos in this course strive to help busy teachers like you to manage stress and save time. As Serena Pariser writes in her book Real Talk About Classroom Management, by taking care of yourself, you will also be taking care of your students; when your life feels balanced, you will have more time, energy, and enthusiasm to devote to your teaching. More
Classroom Management: The First Weeks of School
The first few weeks of school are critical and are often a reflection of the remainder of the school year. This 15-hour course combines specific strategies from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management with video from real classrooms to teach you best practices that set the right tone in your classroom from the very start of the school year. You will develop classroom management skills including what to do on day one, setting routines and structures early on, and creating purposeful seating charts. More
Connecting Through Quality Questioning
Gain the knowledge and tools to implement a deeper learning experience that develops student metacognitive skills and ensures they take responsibility for their own learning. This course walks you through a quality questioning process derived from cognitive research to facilitate dialogue and improve student outcomes. Learn to integrate effective questioning strategies into your daily practice to energize both teaching and learning. More
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